Probably. Unless you’ve been away for a while or manage the eBay web-site, you are probably aware that 145 million passwords have been breached. I added the snarky part about managing the eBay site because the fact that this happened is almost obscured from its users.

There was a recommendation to change your password, as if it was a regularly scheduled or planned event that should happen; not an urgent call to action to change your password because it’s active customer base and encrypted passwords have been compromised. eBay has been pretty mum, but at least the site has been updated to instill some urgency to its customers and to change their passwords. Even the initial instructions which were unclear at best and incorrect at worst, have been updated to be correct.

Now, I know that breaches happen. It’s a never ending game to stay ahead of the hackers and bad guys who are increasingly sophisticated and well funded. That’s fine. I get it. Just make sure that when it happens, you tell your customers. You can’t keep it a secret. In an age where a breaches are commonplace (however unfortunate), differentiate yourself from others by how you respond.

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