Wow – It seems like RSA 2014 just wrapped up (well, it’s been a while since that was in September) but the RSA 2015 Call For Papers will open up in September.  It usually lasts for a while, but there is no prize for being first or last.  I’m going to start to consider a few topics to present and pick the best one or two to propose, but if you are interested in presenting, its best to give it some thought as well.  Each and every year the RSA Conference becomes increasingly competitive to be able to present.   There’s usually about a month from open to close, and often an extra few days added at the end – but you can’t count on it!

As a note, the 2015 Conference is a bit later next year.  It’s usually in February, but it looks like this year the conference is from 20-24 April 2014.  Hopefully that will bring some dryer weather.  For a while RSA used to give away umbrellas and boy, they were handy!

See you there!

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