The two closing keynotes were pretty good. After enjoying a lunch at the BigHorn restaurant (I think that is the name of the place at the Metreon), I saw Hugh Thompson give his wacky and entertaining speech. He brought in two people for some great discussions, including some great talks around FaceBook account hi-jacking and the “help, I’m stranded, wire me money” scam…And a personal account from a victim whose friend sent $1200 to somebody in London. I’m still not sure of the rap video that he and Bil Cheswick did. That was so awful, I’m not sure if it was even funny.

The MythBuster guys were there and gave some great insight. Unlike “Dirty Jobs” which I watch all of the time on Discovery, there is not too much behind the scenes footage on the MythBusters. They talked a bit about how it works, how long some episodes take to film, their favorites, and even started off by bringing somebody up from the audience to work their big rotor cypher toy. That was pretty funny. I was getting nervous because I was across from the girl that got picked and thought that I was going to be up on stage!!! Anyhow, there’s no love between those two guys…I guess that their significantly different personalities clash a bit, and as they said “they don’t hang out for dinner or on the week-ends”. What they did say was that they share a common goal…to solve some problem in a way that makes sense economically, time wise, resource wise, etc. When they get to that point, the answer is amazingly clear and obvious.

Well, it’s time to get ready to get on the red-eye and head on back to New Jersey where I’ll be camping all week-end with Pack 124 of the cub-scouts. I hope that the fight takes off on time so that i can get there on time and do the BB and Archery training that the kids love!

Thanks and more to come on Sunday…

  1. Hi!

    Great Blog. I too attended RSA. I was hoping that the MythBusters did something great and loud at the show, but the Cyrpto machine thing was pretty cool. I wasn’t too pleased with the interview style of the closing portion…maybe something with a bit more effect….

    Thanks again for the great blog.

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